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With the onset of the recession, home burglaries have risen by almost 10% in recent years which is a scary fact. Northeast Security Systems can provide fixed cameras or fully functional cameras with pan, tilt and zoom capabilities to put you in total control. We can create a system for you by discussing what you need and want from your CCTV. We evaluate other impacting factors such as environment, location and localised lighting so that the resulting system is completely tailor made for the particular property. We can also include security lighting where necessary and the system can also be monitored at a monitoring station 24hrs a day.

Customers can also view their CCTV cameras on their computer or mobile phone, from anywhere in the world. CCTV for homes has grown over the last number of years mainly due to improvements in technology and decreasing installation costs. However this now means that the market is now full of low cost systems that simply do not deliver on the quality and reliability that Northeast Security Systems assures.

Digital video recorders are not all alike. In fact, many are as different as vehicles. That's a scary analogy when you consider a KIA, Mercedes Benz and a Truck all trying to do the same job. Digital video recording is an intensive process with a multi tasking application which can tax even the most robust systems. Quality is so important when every ounce of computing power is critical to deliver and record the clearest of images.


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home cctv cameras cavan monaghan ireland


For buyers, separating the quality from the junk can be a daunting task. Often the salesmen and brochures will fail to mention the things their systems don't do. Also they simply will not tell you, and you have no way of knowing in advance the problems that can arise from a poor or weaker quality system. These potential problems are numerous and varied and when you realize for example that when you playback recorded video and freeze frame you could be seeing double, jittery shots or that the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) overheats itself as well as the room, there is no one (at least locally) to support the product if there is a failure.

Northeast security Systems use only the best industry leading products and brands. This ensures our valued customers are the beneficiaries of products that are of world class design and are constructed of the highest commercial grade components at affordable prices. Northeast Security system's competitive price comes with our guarantee of quality and integrity in our systems design and build

Please feel free to contact Northeast Security Systems to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your family home security into the future.

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